Zodiac signs has always been very popular among tattoos. The meanings and characteristic of your sign is determined on what day you was born. It is a symbol that has special meaning that never gets too old as with some tattoos. The simplistic symbols of the zodiac signs also makes a great tattoo if you want a small tattoo, but maybe you're not looking for something small. Don't be concerned there are hundreds of different designs to portray your astrological sign in a unique way. Just Finding the right design for you may take some time. As with all other tattoos, you should find a design that is meaningful, a tattoo that will reflect you as a person. Take your time and be unique .........


Cancer - The Crab

CancerThe Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign of Cancer
By Victor Epand

The fourth sign of the zodiac is Cancer. Those born between June 22nd and July 22nd have this as their sun sign. It is symbolized by the Crab due to their protective outer shells. The sign is ruled by the moon.

Cancers are sensitive and moody, often heavily influenced by their environment. That Crab shell is around their feelings and the feelings of those close to them. Their feelings of nurturing are strong but their moods can change as if with the cycles of the moon. Trust is not a hallmark here- favoring instead skepticism and distrust. In spite of that, the Crab needs to let others see who they are. If there aren't any takers around, they will disappear back into that shell. When a dark mood takes over their behavior, it is common for them to be snappy. Their normal nature is quiet and reserved, retreating when they feel threatened.

They are sentimental and tend to cling to souvenirs. It is so hard for them to part with things they have attached value to that they can become pack rats. Family and home are the center of their existence to the point that they can lose their individual self. There is a parental nurturing here that is protective and caring. Cancers that don't have families of their own are likely to adopt friends or others around them in a family type environment.

Cancer Sign
Cancer Sign

Cancers are excellent workers- dedicated to their task and respectful of authority. Disruption and change are not things they are comfortable with. Money is also of top importance but for the security that it brings rather than the spoils. They need to have that shell safely in place, after all.

Romantic relationships will also revolve around security for the Cancer person. There is also a need for them to nurture or be nurtured by someone else. It is likely that they will marry young but it might not be their last marriage. They need their partners to show weakness and vulnerability. They are emotional but not good at talking about it, requiring some sign reading from their partner. The Cancer partner is likely to alter between moods. They might like to explore a bit out in the world but they will never do anything to damage the security of their relationship at home.

Cancers do not do well in separations and are unlikely to be the ones that leave. They don't like confrontations and would much rather be passive aggressive until the other person walks away. But it takes a lot for them to get to that point. Insensitivity and betrayal are the two things that will send the Cancer towards the door. The Cancer isn't good at being vulnerable and if their partner does something to damage the trust they have shown, it may be forgiven but it will never be forgotten. They desperately need to be close to another person, although their often infuriating moods can make that hard to see. But they are also gentle, sensitive, imaginative and protective.

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