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Pisces - The Fish

PiscesThe Month of Pisces
By Sharita Star

Goethe once said, “Choose well, your choice is brief, and yet endless.” Our zodiac wheel now concludes as our Sun enters the mutable water sign Pisces upon February 18th at 8:09pm EST. Mystic planet Neptune rules these communicators and those endless choices they have to make like their symbol, the Fish. Pause a moment and think of a ocean…it is the stage these natives perform their lives upon.
Ever questing without boundaries, Pisces are known to probe the depths of the mind like no other sign can. Known as the “grandparents of the zodiac,” the typical Fish flows through life assisting others through the voice of wisdom while they learn from experience. Their characters are sensitive, intuitive, sympathetic and mysterious.

Psychology, music, acting, the law, research or anything requiring acute mental analysis is where a Pisces thrives. Ideally the aim is to understand the grand view of life, while relating to all mankind in order to reap success. Keen in the abilities to believe, permeate, renounce, sacrifice of themselves, and receive impressions, they are often guided by psychic energy. The Piscean nature is known to be easy going, plastic, poetic, suggestible, emotional and self-pitying.

At worst the Fish’s nature can gravitate to laziness, instability, chaos, escapism, drug-abuse, (especially alcohol), and being in denial. They are highly warned to not fall prey to addictions. When they shut off the sagely wisdom they are meant to share with others, deep states of depression can be suffered. The cultivation of determination, concentration and the love of self will allow a Pisces to be the channel for the multitude of spiritual, healing and visionary gifts they are here to communicate to others.

Pisces Sign
Pisces Sign

Dreamy Pisces begins this month as Mercury is in Retrograde. What an opportune time to begin some early spring cleaning. As with any mutable sign, we know that a change of season is soon upon us. After the Full Moon in Virgo on the 3rd, the next two weeks that follow till the New Moon on March 18th grant us the perfect opportunity to look to the Piscean ruled House in the birth chart to see the area of life where our mental and physical clutter needs to be cleared the most.

Venus is one zodiac step ahead of our Sun this month as it transits through Aries. The collective can expect affections to be easily aroused, unrestrained, impetuous and chock full of romantic adventure. Depending upon the House Aries rules in any individual birth chart, one can expect benevolent Venus to bring harmony to that part of our lives.

Mars enters Aquarius this month and concludes its’ transit upon April 6th, bringing unusual desires that stimulate originality and humanitarian interests to the collective’s drives. The Aquarian ruled House in one’s astrological chart is influenced by an extra boost of leading energy that can allow completions to be fulfilled and realized. Looking ahead, Mars directly opposes Saturn in Leo upon March 22nd, where the collective can expect a regulation of energies that deal with executive abilities vs. self-reliance; the worst outcomes with these power struggles may sway to intolerant and vindictive reactions.May the gifts of wisdom, sensitivity, and intuition be your guides for those endless choices to be made in the month ahead.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: http://www.sharitas-star-secrets.com She resides in New York City and currently is working on her first book.
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