Zodiac signs has always been very popular among tattoos. The meanings and characteristic of your sign is determined on what day you was born. It is a symbol that has special meaning that never gets too old as with some tattoos. The simplistic symbols of the zodiac signs also makes a great tattoo if you want a small tattoo, but maybe you're not looking for something small. Don't be concerned there are hundreds of different designs to portray your astrological sign in a unique way. Just Finding the right design for you may take some time. As with all other tattoos, you should find a design that is meaningful, a tattoo that will reflect you as a person. Take your time and be unique .........


Aries - The Ram

AriesUnderstanding Aries
By Donna Page

Are you an Aries? Do you have an Aries friend that you want to understand? The energy of Aries is one of the most dynamic in the zodiac.
We all can learn a lot from our Aries friends on how to be focused in creating our life as our own work of art and not the life that our parents, teachers or society thinks we are supposed to have. If you are an Aries and you feel your life isn't yours; watch out! Major problems will arise as your life task is to seek your own path and live the life of your design.

Aires is ruled by the warrior planet Mars Aries is a fire sign and is outward going in its energy. Think of the element of fire, it needs fuel to stay alive and heat is given off from fire. That is one reason why Aries always needs something new to do or a new challenge, it is the fuel to keep the fire alive.

Short-term goals will keep Aries motivated and tangible results are achieved rapidly. Aries life mission is to be bold and self-confident; although Aries tend to be overly impulsive the lesson will be to know when to be impulsive and when to temper the "I got to do it now" feelings. Aries is meant to have challenges and something to fight for and will not be diverted from his or her purpose except by your their impatience.

Aries Sign
Aries Sign

Aries is the first sign of the new zodiacal year, it is the sign of new beginnings, and is adventurous, ambitious, impulsive and full of life and exuberance. The Arian is a pioneer in both thought and action, open to new ideas and a lover of freedom. Aries has the urge to get things started and lead the way and have total self expression.

If you are an Aries or know an Aries who is not self expressed and putting it all out there for the world to see then there is another part of the chart that is inhibiting the Aries spirit. When this happens it will be important to recognize the internal conflict and find a way to let Aries spirit be free.

We all have Aries somewhere in our chart, it may not be a dominant part of what we are expressing but it is a vital characteristic to learn, nurture and develop. Who doesn't want to be free to live a life of our own design? Who wouldn't want the courage to master our fears?

The next time you have a challenge to face, or someone is trying to manipulate you into doing something you don't want, call upon the essence of Aries and hold true to your inner presence of living your life as you want it.

Grab your free astro tips at http://lovinglightastrologer.com Donna Page MS is an internationally known astrologer that promotes the ability to create the life you want faster and with ease by becoming in tune with the influence of the planets. She offers free mini course and reports on how the planets can impact you personally and globally.
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