Zodiac signs has always been very popular among tattoos. The meanings and characteristic of your sign is determined on what day you was born. It is a symbol that has special meaning that never gets too old as with some tattoos. The simplistic symbols of the zodiac signs also makes a great tattoo if you want a small tattoo, but maybe you're not looking for something small. Don't be concerned there are hundreds of different designs to portray your astrological sign in a unique way. Just Finding the right design for you may take some time. As with all other tattoos, you should find a design that is meaningful, a tattoo that will reflect you as a person. Take your time and be unique .........


Taurus - The Bull

TaurusThe Star Sign Taurus
By Hanne Klein

Taurus energy is not about pioneering, they are settlers and it is in the month of Taurus that we anchor the ideas that where created in Aries. Aries has these idealistic plans ready to go but it needs to be nurtured and cared for, and Taurus represents good solid caring people, they know how to nurture and care for these great plans and put them into practise. Taurus energy is very earthy, it represents stability, practicality, gentleness, kindness, loyalty, and it's about security.

Taurus doesn't scatter their energies but conserve them. Taurus is good natured people and set high standards for themselves and lives up to them, and quite often expect others to live up to them as well. They need to unwind and accept people as they are, and bear in mind that human relationships are two way streets, like a mirror a reflection of you.

Taurus should always rely on their good nature and patience in their relationships because that way they will keep all those genuine, loyal friends they so strongly desire to have.

Taurus Sign
Taurus Sign

Taurus like plenty of space and do not like to be fenced in. The Taurus energies give us the courage to break free from controlled energy. We allow ourselves to be controlled so that others will accept us, and we control ourself so much because we are worried that we are not good enough.

Taurus allows us to break free nurture and care for our emotions. In the month of Taurus it is time to get back to nature and get one with nature, it's time to anchor your ideas and put them into practise. It's time to get physical, you swim - run - walk - fish - jog, and get into your garden and spend as much time out in nature as possible. What will happen when you get really close to nature is that on a very deep level you begin to tune in with your own plans and path you want to follow in the future.

I'm Hanne Klein and I'm an astrologer I have many years experiences in astrology. In the coming weeks I will write about the 12 star signs in a detailed unique way. After you read about your sign you will discover traits about yourself you hadn't been aware of before. Here is the link
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